Agriculture Career


The Path towards an Agriculture Career is Rosy

Gone were the days where agriculture is connected with the production of farm yields. In today’s modern age, this is just one of the by-products of agriculture. It goes beyond this and includes dairy, forestry, poultry, fruit and vegetable cultivation, bee-farming, and all sundries.
Processing, marketing, distribution, harvests, and animal production are also associated with agriculture.

Agribusiness assumes a basic part in the whole existence of a given economy. With all the intricacies of the industry a learner who wants to build an Agriculture Career needs to earn a degree in Agriculture. Completing a 2-year or a 4-year course will open a window of opportunities for your taking.

What happens after you complete your Agriculture degree?

With the knowledge gained from hitting the books, you can put this to use with various options in the Agricultural Industry. Here are some of the job positions you might wind up.

Agricultural Consultant

Assist clients with their business and technical requirements. A business plan will be prepared with consideration for government grant applications, analysis of crop yield, marketing, equipment, system process, and budget. During the contract, there will be farm visits to find solutions to a farmer’s problem(s).

Farm Manager

This is a hands-on job you will either live on the farm or report daily to oversee how the farm products, crops or livestock, are doing. You will be wearing the shoes of the farmer and much more. Usually, the pay depends on the yield so you have to be fast on your feet. Daily monitoring of activities of the staff, quality of the produce, and expenses are the usual undertakings. There should be a contingency plan in case things don’t meet expectations.

Do your share in fighting poverty and feeding people

With an ever increasing population, poverty and hunger are the most perennial problems especially among the poor. Of all the sectors, agriculture is in the best position in alleviating poverty and feeding the hungry.

With a productive harvest, you can raise the wages of your farm staff. The high yield may stabilize prices of the farm products making it more affordable. Being productive may result in an expansion which will create more job opportunities.

An Agriculture Career can be a Gold Mine

With your skill and experience as an Agriculturist, you can spot an opportunity a mile away. What may be considered as waste might turn out to be something of great value. Check out this story.

With a background in Agribusiness, a lady Senegalese saw a prospect in the cashew fruit which was considered useless. Through her ingenuity, she combined this with apple and butter and came up with an all-natural cashew apple butter jam which was globally accepted. She became successful and at the same time helped local farmers penetrate the world market.

Technology works hand-in-hand with an Agriculturist

The world needs innovation to battle viruses that affect crop and livestock produce. There are diseases that adversely affects farm products and if not addressed immediately might result in a global catastrophe. Technology and dedicated agriculturists combined can deliver a solution to correct these negatives. Another story to tell.

A young team of agriculturist put their brilliant minds together to solve a vicious disease that was affecting the Banana Industry in Uganda. Once they came up with the solution they uploaded it using a mobile and web-based app. In the process, they swiftly helped 190,000 banana farmers.

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