Agriculture Types

Types of Agriculture

Agriculture has been a part of human existence since time immemorial. It’s a widespread activity all throughout the world as the main source of food that we eat on a daily basis. Did you know that agriculture can be classified according to different factors like crops, scale of farming, livestock combination, mechanization, etc. Numerous agriculturists and scholars have attempted to identify the different types of agriculture.

Listed below are the major types of agriculture across the globe:

Industrialized Agriculture

This type of agriculture is intended to sell crops and livestock on a worldwide scale. They use industrialized techniques and modern farming methods to increase crop yields. Instead of using human labor to do the farming, large machines are utilized which are more powerful and can work more efficiently and effectively. Chemical fertilizers are used to add inorganic nutrients to plants and crops.

Shifting Cultivation

This is manually done without the help of modern machineries and animal power. Shifting cultivation is generally adopted in the rainy tropics. The land that will be used for cultivation is cleared off through burning and slashing of the forest and it is cultivated for many years until the fertility of the land has diminished. At this point, the land is abandoned and a new area is cleared off for cultivation.

Subsistence Agriculture

While industrialized agriculture is focused on feeding large population, there is another type of agriculture that is regularly practiced today. It is called subsistence agriculture where a farmer tills a small portion of land to feed his household. The goal of subsistence agriculture is to produce enough crops and livestock to ensure the survival of the family.

Commercial Plantation

Commercial plantation is practiced in a smaller area compared to industrialized agriculture. This type of farming is important given its commercial value. The major products of this type of agriculture are mainly tropical crops including rubber, mangoes, pineapples, cacao, coffee, teas, oil palm, etc. The tropical crops are usually transported in European and Western markets.

Dairy Farming

This type of farming originated in Europe and has spread in different parts of the globe. As the name implies, it is concentrated on long-term production of milk and eventually sale of dairy products. Dairy farming should consider close proximity to the market and temperate climate.

These are some of the types of agriculture in the world today and it continues to evolve depending on the needs of the population, technological advancements, and farming methods.

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